Reset video stream

Request Type URL DJI Zenmuse
POST /api/v1/app/reset_video Any

Sample Request

POST http://localhost:8123/api/v1/app/reset_video

Sample Response

Status code: 200

  "success": true

Get application info

Request Type URL DJI Zenmuse
GET /api/v1/app Any

JSON Response

Parameter Type Description
build_date string Application build date
safe_sound number Counter from 0 to 255 that increments every request
uptime string Time since server start
version string Application version
video_connections number Number of connections to video stream
video_amount number Amount of video data transferred (KiB)
video_rate number Speed of video stream (KiB/s)
canbus_tx number Amount of data transmitted by CAN bus (KiB)
canbus_rx number Amount of data received by CAN bus (KiB)
zenmuse string

Zenmuse model name.

Possible values: x3, x4s, x5, x5r, x5s, xt, z3, z30

Sample Request

GET http://localhost:8123/api/v1/app

Sample Response

Status code: 200

  "build_date": "24.01.2017",
  "safe_sound": 89,
  "success": true,
  "uptime": "2 d, 03:35:08",
  "version": "v0.1.0 build 41"
  "video_amount": 1234,
  "video_rate": 123,
  "canbus_tx": 500,
  "canbus_rx": 600,
  "zenmuse": "x3",

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