Start recording video (or photo) to card

Request Type URL
POST /api/v1/shooting/<shooting_action>


Option DJI Zenmuse Description
photo Any Make a photo
start Any Start recording
stop Any Stop recording

Sample Request

POST http://localhost:8123/api/v1/shooting/photo

Sample Response

Status code: 200

  "success": true

Get current recording status

Request Type URL DJI Zenmuse
GET /api/v1/shooting Any

JSON Response

Parameter Type Description
video string

Video recording status.

Possible values: on, off, starting, stopping

photo string

Photo recording status.

Possible values: storing, idle

duration_seconds number Duration since recording start expressed in seconds
duration string Formated time since recording start in hh:mm:ss format
remaining_seconds number Remaining time till memory card is full expressed in seconds
remaining_time string Remaining time till memory card is full in hh:mm:ss format
remaining_space number Remaining space on the memory card (MiB)

Sample Request

GET http://localhost:8123/api/v1/shooting

Sample Response

Status code: 200

  "video": "starting",
  "photo": "idle",
  "duration": "00:00:05",
  "duration_seconds": 5,
  "remaining_seconds": 1839,
  "remaining_space": 13153,
  "remaining_time": "00:30:39",
  "success": true

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