BeagleBone Edition (experimental)

This edition of CamAdapter is based on BeagleBone Black.

Important notice

  • The software is compatible only with NVIDIA Tegra K1 and TI AM335x platforms at the moment.
  • This version of CamAdapter supports DJI Zenmuse X3/X5/X5R/XT/Z3 only.
  • DJI Zenmuse Z30 is supported using a special adapter. Note that the current hardware design does not suppose this adapter to be mounted. One needs to develop a custom design in order to connect Z30.
  • Tested with DJI Zenmuse X3/XT/Z3.


CamAdapter consists of:


To be added.


In order to stabilize the gimbal against drone inclination one need to use separate AHRS device. One may use a flight controller for that purposes. There is a special software which gets attitude information from autopilot and sends it to CamAdapter. See attitude-feeder application for details.

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