Gimbal and camera control are accessible both by API and web-application.

The main objective of web-application is to check DJI Zenmuse operation and to demonstrate API capabilities.


  • Gimbal control (Pan and Tilt)
  • Gimbal centering (Pan)
  • Photo/Video shooting
  • Camera settings
  • Video settings
  • Storage management (coming soon)
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome/Chromium

Change Zenmuse Model

When started the application automatically detects connected gimbal and opens the correspondent page. But gimbal model may be overridden manually in the Application section.

Change Gimbal Model
Gimbal Model Choosing

Note: In order to simulate various gimbals in camadapter-demo one should manually switch Zenmuse model in the Application section.

Gimbal Control

Gimbal's pan and tilt may be controlled by buttons. Blue Blue Left Arrow Blue Up Arrow Blue Right Arrow Blue Down Arrow buttons set lower speed and yellow Yellow Left Arrow Yellow Up Arrow Yellow Right Arrow Yellow Down Arrow ones set higher speed. Blue C button centers the gimbal's pan.

Gimbal Control
Gimbal Control Section

Camera Control

General camera control allows to set date and time (which will be written to resulting photo and video files), to reset camera settings, to shoot photo/video.

Camera Control
Camera Control Section

Camera Settings

Camera settings section depends on a model of camera. They allow setting individual parameters of the camera.

The badge near to the parameter name shows the actual value. One may change the value using controls. Changes are applied immediately.

Camera Settings
DJI Zenmuse XT Settings

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