• AirMast Head Unit components are marked in green.
  • Necessary instruments (2 mm hex screwdriver) are marked in blue.
  • Other parts needed are S900 airframe and Elistair flight module.

Attach AirMast Motor Monitoring Board to the S900 power supply board. Black “−” wires connect to the S900 ground. Red “+” wires connect to the “+” socket on the AirMast Motor Monitoring Board. Check that the M1 motor is connected to the M1 monitoring board socket, M2 to the M2 and so on.

Attaching Head Unit to Frame Body

Pull the power wires through the holes in the airframe plate. Make sure that the PWM connector (marked in green) is pointing towards the front of the S900 frame (indicated by red plastic on the arms).

Connecting Head Unit to Elistair Flight Module

The wire to connect AirMast with Elistair flight module is supplied together with Head Unit.

Before putting on the AirMast Head Unit cover, connect the GPS unit to socket marked in green (see picture below). Then place the top cover, insert the six included bolts and tighten them. Please note that in order to correctly position the cover, the arrow on the GPS module should be facing the same direction as the front of the S900 frame.

Final Steps

Congratulations, the AirMast Head Unit is successfully assembled onto the frame!

Before flight, it is necessary to install an appropriate battery in to the battery compartment (marked green), secure it with a velcro or by other means and connect it to the AirMast head (marked yellow).

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